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Smashed Alcohol Free Pale Ale 330ml 0.05%

Smashed Alcohol Free Pale Ale 330ml 0.05%

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This premium alcohol free pale ale is incredibly refreshing but sticking to traditional ale roots!

It's a pale copper colour with aromas of caramel and toffee and a slight passionfruit twist from American style hops.

At just 55 calories, you can indulge without fear of beer belly or hangxiety!

How do they do it?

The process gently and quickly lifts the alcohol away from real alcoholic craft drinks in a cool vacuum. This pioneering process results in a drink that tastes as good as its alcoholic original and is truly alcohol free at 0.05% or below!

Nutritional Info Per 330ml Can

  • 55 Calories
  • 0g Fat
  • 12.21g Carbohydrates (12.21 of which are sugars)
  • 1.0g Protein
  • Vegan

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