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Smashed Alcohol Free Berry Cider 330ml 0.05% - Tame Tipple

Smashed Alcohol Free Berry Cider 330ml 0.05%

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Brewed with love and all the alcohol swept away, this sharp, fruity berry cider is a much loved favourite!

Drynks Unlimited have created a unique, crisp and lightly carbonated alcohol-free berry cider which is pure refreshment with a perfect balance of sweetness, sharpness and fruitiness.

A dark berry coloured sparkling cider with a fruity fresh aroma and hint of English apples.

Nutritional Info Per 330ml Can

    • 96 Cals
    • 0g Fat
    • 21.78g Carbohydrates (15.84g of which are sugars)
    • 0g Protein
    • 0.02g Salt
    • Vegan
    • Gluten Free