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Made For Drink Chorizo Thins 30g Premium Snacks

Made For Drink Chorizo Thins 30g Premium Snacks

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Made For Drink Chorizo Thins is a quality, moreish treat that has bags of flavour, premium ingredients and it pairs so well with an alcohol free rioja wine!

The bag includes slices of authentic Spanish chorizo gently roasted until crisp, crunchy and intensely delicious.

Their chorizo is sourced from a small family producer who belongs to the Consorcio del Chorizo Espanol, founded to protect the quality & origins of authentic Spanish chorizo. 

What we love most is that there is full transparacy on how the snacks are made - They cook the Chorizo Thins themselves in their own kitchens in Berkshire with a fully traceable supply chain from farm to fingertips.

They are carbon neutral, have plastic free outer packaging and have no added nasties!

Great for a keto diet or a cheeky snack with your alcohol free drink!

What the big stars say...

"So moreish... a real treat!" - Michel Roux Jr

"They're excellent!" - Rick Stein

"Proper banging munchies!" - Stephen Terry


Nutritional Info Per 30g Serving

  • 174 Calories
  • 13.8g Fat
  • 5.8g Saturated Fat
  • 11.6g Protein
  • 1.8g Salt


Their Chorizo Thins are sliced and slow-roasted chorizo picante, made from: Duroc pork shoulder, Duroc pork belly, hot paprika de la Vera, salt and garlic.