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It all began one Sunday afternoon in lockdown avenue where we had a lightbulb moment and lightning bolts of confidence 💡⚡

We'd always wanted to build something together, but it had to be something that was close to both of our hearts. As we sat down one night with mocktails in hand, it was staring right at us from the glass.

We've both experienced alcohol trauma, both in our personal lives and witnessing it in family life. We've had enough of the hangovers, fuzzy memories and upset for the sake of one night of "fun".

A few things that we felt were missing on our epic journey was the flexibility on buying, clear nutritional information and how to make a quick mocktail with the correct mixers.

Tame Tipple was born! 🙌

We've specially selected the most loved and diverse drinks with yummy snack pairings to make it the perfect night in with everybody in mind. Whether you're gluten free, vegan, sugar or calorie conscious - We've left nobody out.

We've focused on stocking from independent businesses based in the UK which cater to all dietary requirements.

Our mocktail lounge showcases our favourite alcohol free spirits with paired tonics and freeze-dried fruit so you have everything you need in one place to make your top-notch, hangover-free tipple!

Our 'Pick N Mix' collection allows you to try a selection and find out what rocks your boat!
Perfect for if you're new to the world of alcohol free.

When you discover which drinks you love the most, you can return and save money on bulk buying your favourite tipples!

Make no mistake - This is not just a shop, it's a warm hug and a listening ear. We want to help build a community of people who feel comfortable and supported, whatever their lifestyle choices.

From our place to yours, welcome to the Tame Tipple Tribe and hit us up if you have any questions or need a pick me up! ❤️


Lizzy & Kate x 


  • Vegan and straight-edge
  • Illustrator and animator
    (you probably gathered that, from ALL THE GIFS!)
  • Serial hair dyer
  • Sleep deprived mum of two
  • WandaVision obsessed (got a crush on Vision....don't judge me)


Three Spirit's Social Elixir mixed with Merchant's Heart Ginger Ale


  • Alcohol-free since May 12th 2019
  • Lord of the rings Nerd
  • Doesn't toast her bagels (heathen)
  • Loses pens on the daily
  • Cries at almost every single Greys Anatomy episode (not even kidding)


Crossip's Dandy Smoke mixed with Merchant's Heart Ginger Ale