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I was tired of trying to moderate and was sick of the hangovers, fuzzy memories and upset for the sake of one night of "fun", so I began exploring alcohol free drinks and to my amazement, I could enjoy social settings or an alcohol free drink at home without feeling like I was missing out!

A few things that I felt was missing on my discovery was the flexibility on buying, clear nutritional information and how to make a quick mocktail with the correct mixers.

Tame Tipple was born! 🙌

I've hand-picked the most loved and diverse drinks, concentrating on UK independent brands and alcohol free drinks low in calories, sugar and vegan friendly. I've done the tried-and-tested for you so that you don't have to!

Mindful of the environment, your packages will come in recycled boxes with no plastic in sight 🌍

The mocktail lounge showcases our favourite alcohol free spirits with correctly paired tonics and freeze-dried fruit so that you have everything you need in one place to easily enjoy an alcohol free cocktail from the comfort of your own home.

The 'Pick N Mix' collection showcases alcohol free beers, ciders, adult style soft drinks, mocktails, CBD seltzers and more where you can buy in singles or in multi-packs with discount savings.

When you purchase from Tame Tipple, you've got a cheerleader in the background cheering you on from the side-lines 😍

From my place to yours, welcome to the Tame Tipple Tribe and hit us up if you have any questions or need a pick me up! ❤️


Lizzy x 


  • Alcohol-free since May 12th 2019
  • Lord of the rings Nerd
  • Doesn't toast her bagels (heathen)
  • Loses pens on the daily
  • Cries at almost every single Greys Anatomy episode (not even kidding)


Crossip's Dandy Smoke mixed with Merchant's Heart Ginger Ale